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Today we extend a warm welcome to Dr. Bob Lowdermilk. Dr. Lowdermilk is Vice President for Student Development at Rockingham Community College, a native of Greensboro, and an ordained United Methodist clergy person.

ELDER ON CALL: Each week an Elder will be available for congregational needs. This week that Elder is Charlie Adams.

PENNIES FOR HUNGER will be received today, August 6.

FAITHFOOD: Summer gatherings for study, service and fellowship will happen on Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00pm. These gatherings target younger adults and families, but all are welcome. August 17: Hosted by Matt & Hillary Crutchfield

VESPERS AND ICE CREAM SOCIAL will be held August 20, 6:00 – 8:00pm in the fellowship hall. Anyone willing to bring homemade ice cream or desserts, please contact Charlie Adams.

ONE ON ONE’S: For our Mission Study work, Pastor Christy would like to schedule conversations with as many family units as possible this Summer.  You can go online and choose from a list of available time slots:  Select a time, click on “Submit and Sign Up”, then complete your sign up with the question, “Where would you like to meet?” and enter your name and email. (Only your name will display in the schedule.)  For those not online, call Dawne in the office and she can assist you with scheduling.

CONGREGATIONAL HEALTH CARE NEWS: Please check the “Congregational Health Care News”  bulletin board for information on “Be Sun Smart.” It is located at the back of the sanctuary in the hallway beside the restroom.

WORSHIP BAGS for children are available on the colorful children’s chairs in the narthex. A selection of children’s books on Bible themes, some extra coloring or puzzle pages, and colored pencils are available in the bins on the seats of the chairs.  Children are invited to pick up a bag and select a book or supplemental items for their worship this morning. Please return the bags and supplies to the narthex at the end of the service. Thank you.