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ELDER ON CALL: Each week an Elder will be available for congregational needs. This week that Elder is Charlie Adams.

PASTOR CHRISTY will be away but on-call at Montreat August 28 – September 4 for a Transitional Ministry Conference. Please feel free to contact her should any needs arise during this time.

PENNIES FOR HUNGER will be received September 3.

THE CHURCH OFFICE will be closed Monday, September 4.


Sunday, September 10 at the Belmont

4:30pm activities, 5:30pm supper

Come join us as we listen to God’s story as we begin exploring our

story as a congregation through a season of self-study.


One way we’ll be doing this is through a study of The Story, a compilation of scripture (from the NIV translation of the Bible) that invites readers to hear the core plot line of scripture and gain an understanding of the story of God’s love revealed through it.

Sunday morning sermons, my email blog posts, and the Spiritual Formation class on the 2nd Floor will all be sharing in this study over about 31 installments.  We are also considering offering 2 midweek groups (in addition to the Monday Morning Bible study group) – a lunch gathering and/or an evening group.  Let Dawne, through the church office, know of your interest and preferred day/time.

If you would like to purchase a copy of The Story for personal use, you can place an order through the church office by September 11. We will place a bulk order.

Hardcover – $5

Youth/Teen Paperback – $12

Kids (Older Elementary) Paperback – $8.50

Children (Younger Elementary) Hardcover – $14

Little Ones (Preschool) Hardcover – $13