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ELDER ON CALL: Each week an Elder will be available for congregational needs. This week that Elder is Sam Lindsey.

MONDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY will resume Monday, September 11 at 9:00 am in the session room. 

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP will hold its next meeting on Monday, September 11 at 12 noon at Fursty’s Restaurant on Freeway Drive. Retired dentist, Dr. Rivers Upchurch, will be the guest speaker. All Presbyterian Women are invited to attend and to bring their friends.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP will meet Tuesday, September 12 at 6:30 pm. Please let the church office know if you plan to attend.

CAREGIVERS will meet Monday, September 18 at 10:00 am in the Prayer Chapel.

UPCOMING BLOOD DRIVE:  On September 30, we will host a blood drive through Community Blood Center of the Carolinas in our Fellowship Hall.  We’d love those who can give blood to sign up and come out and those who can’t to invite someone to fill their seat as a donor!  On September 23, a Community Mission Blitz Day, we need volunteers willing to recruit donors.  Let Pastor Christy know if you can be a recruiter on that Saturday. A sign-up sheet for appointments is located in the narthex.

GIVING STATEMENTS (through August) are located in the narthex.

PEW ENVELOPES:  We have added blank envelopes to the pew racks for those who might wish to share cash tithes or offerings.   Remember to include your name on the envelope should you wish to have contributions noted through a giving statement for tax purposes.

CONGREGATIONAL HEALTH CARE NEWS: Please check the “Congregational Health Care News”  bulletin board for information on “Are You Ready? Emergency Preparedness.” It is located at the back of the sanctuary in the hallway beside the restroom.

RALLY DAY AND FALL PROGRAM KICKOFF: Sunday, September 10 at the Belmont, 4:30pm activities, 5:30pm supper

Everyone is encouraged to bring sides or salads to share. Desserts are welcome, but there will be enough peach cobbler for everyone! Entrees will be provided.

Come join us as we listen to God’s story among us as we begin exploring our story as a congregation through this season of self-study.

The Story:  Join in our congregation wide invitation to study the Bible together through The Story, a compilation of scripture inviting readers to hear the core plot line of scripture, that of God’s love revealed to us.

Several small group study opportunities are available to you!

Sundays – 2 groups, in either the 2nd floor classroom or Fellowship Hall

Midweek – Interested?  a Lunch or 7pm time are options on Tuesday or Wednesday, let the office know of your interest.

If you would like to purchase a copy of The Story for personal use, you can place an order through the church office by September 11. We will place a bulk order.

Hardcover – $5

Youth/Teen Paperback – $12

Kids (Older Elementary) Paperback – $8.50

Children (Younger Elementary) Hardcover – $14

Little Ones (Preschool) Hardcover – $13