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Today we extend a warm welcome to The Rev. Bob Peterson. He is a pastor in the Moravian Church. He recently retired as pastor of Leaksville Moravian Church in Eden where he served for over 14 years. He has also served Moravian congregations in Riverside, NJ; Lancaster, PA; Bethlehem, PA; and Greensboro. He graduated from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, and Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA. Bob and his wife, Sara, live in Reidsville, and are the parents of two children and three grandchildren.

ELDER ON CALL: Each week an Elder will be available for congregational needs. This week that Elder is Charlie Adams.

THIS WEEK in The Story: Chapter 22 – John 1, Luke 1-2, Matthew 1-2

NEXT WEEK in The Story: Chapter 23 – Matthew 3-11, John 2-4, Luke 3-8, Mark 1-3

Gatherings to study “The Story” beyond Worship:  Sunday Mornings at 9:45 – 2nd Floor Classroom or Fellowship Hall.

CHILI & CHOCOLATE FELLOWSHIP LUNCH:  Join us February 11 following morning worship. *Are you making a Chili dish?  We have 1 lb. packs of ground beef here at the church for you to use in preparing your favorite Chili.*  Call Charlie or the church office to take us up on this offer! Please bring your favorite recipe to share with everyone.  Rose McMichael, Phil & Martha Neal are our hosts!

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP will hold its next meeting on Monday, February 12 at 12 noon at Fursty’s Restaurant on Freeway Drive. Stokes Ann Hunt will speak on healthy living. All Presbyterian Women are invited to attend and to bring their friends.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP will meet Tuesday, February 13 at 6:30 pm. Please let the church office know if you plan to attend.

CAREGIVERS will meet in the session room Monday, February 12 at 10 am.

CONGREGATIONAL HEALTH CARE NEWS: Please check the “Congregational Health Care News”  bulletin board for information on “Simple Tips for Healthy Eyes.” It is located at the back of the sanctuary in the hallway beside the restroom.