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First Presbyterian Church Membership


How to join First Presbyterian Church: Persons may enter into active church membership in one of the following ways:

(1) By profession of faith.

(2) By reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ. (If a letter from a previous church is unavailable).

(3) By transfer of certificate from some other church.


The Meaning of Church Membership: A faithful member accepts Christ’s call to be involved responsibly in the ministry of his Church. Such involvement includes:

a. proclaiming the good news,
b. taking part in the common life and worship of a particular church,
c. praying and studying Scripture and the faith of the Christian Church,
d. supporting the work of the church through the giving of money, time, and talents,
e. participating in the governing responsibilities of the church,
f. demonstrating a new quality of life within and through the church,
g. responding to God’s activity in the world through service to others,
h. living responsibly in the personal, family, vocational, political, cultural, and social relationships of life,
i. working in the world for peace, justice, freedom, and human fulfillment.

For more information about church membership, please contact one of our elders, the minister, or call the church office at 336-349-3474.