Organized on January 15, 1875, First Presbyterian Church Reidsville was established by members of the Bethesda Presbyterian Church and Wentworth Presbyterian church under the leadership of Rev. Jacob Doll. Rev. Doll felt led to help establish a church in Reidsville as the town was beginning to grow after the Civil War, especially with the completion of the railroad that connected Greensboro with Danville, VA, and began laying the groundwork for the church in January 1872, finally leading to a church being built and established with 22 charter members. Rev. Doll died suddenly of a heart attack while attending a meeting of the Synod of North Carolina, where he was the Stated Clerk, on April 27, 1878. It was immediately recommended that a recent graduate of Columbia Seminary be named the Stated Supply Pastor for one year. That recent graduate, Rev. Dr. D. Irvin Craig, would go on to serve the church for 43 years, and his ministry was known to be one of powerful leadership, Biblical authority, and strong morality. Upon Dr. Craig’s retirement, the church called Rev. Marion Huske to be the third pastor, and he served well until January 1954. After a brief interim, Rev. John Grier Parks was installed to be the pastor on September 26, 1954, and served until July 1961. Rev. Samuel Smith became the fifth installed pastor in January 1963 and served until January 1970. Rev. Smith’s ministry is best remembered for the push to begin the Child Development Center, which still operates to this day. Rev. Ed Brammer, Jr., began his pastorate on January 1, 1971, and he remained pastor until 1991. In 1995 Rev. Brammer was named pastor emeritus. Rev. Dr. Dave Kivett became pastor in 1993 and he served until 2003. Dr. Kivett’s tenure was marked by his mission of action and activism within Salem Presbytery and Reidsville, where he chaired the Chamber of Commerce’s Race Relations Council, was the first president of the United Ministers of Reidsville and Vicinity, and was instrumental in beginning the Reidsville Outreach Center. In 2005 Rev. Doug McLeroy was called to serve the church following a distinguished career as a chaplain in the US Army. Rev. McLeroy retired in 2017. Rev. Wes Pitts was called as pastor and began in October 2019. He seeks to build on the great history of service to God through worship and community building that First Presbyterian Reidsville has been a part of for 144 years.