All are welcome to worship at First Presbyterian Church as you are. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a three piece suit, you are welcome. Whether you were born and raised in the church or you’ve never been to a worship service, you are welcome. Whether you are gay or straight, young or old, and no matter your race or nation of birth, you are welcome. We joyfully welcome all who worship with us as we give praise and honor to God, to whom we have be reconciled through Jesus Christ. 

Worship at First Presbyterian Church is what most would consider “Traditional,” in that hymns are sung with organ or piano accompaniment – although we do break out a guitar and mandolin on occasion! 

In our worship you’ll hear prayers (sometimes in unison, sometimes led by the pastor), participate in a time of confession and assurance of God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ, sing hymns, hear choral anthems and organ solos, hear scripture read and a sermon preached to expound on the scriptural text, and celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

At FPC Reidsville we celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper every week because we understand that the Sacrament is a time of thanksgiving for what Christ has done for us, and a time to be united in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit so that we may go out into the community ready to serve God and God’s people. We practice communion by intinction, where worshipers come forward (or we’ll come to you if your mobility is limited) and receive the bread and dip it into the cup, and all are welcome to partake in the Sacrament no matter which church holds your membership, your age, or your level of faith. If, through worship and partaking of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, you wish to learn more about the Christian faith, you are welcome to meet with Rev. Wes Pitts at your convenience. 

For families with children, a nursery for ages 0-5 is provided from 10:45 am-noon. For those children who remain in the sanctuary during the worship service, packages with crayons, coloring books and more are available. An option for children and their parents during the worship service is a pray-ground, located in the room adjacent to the sanctuary. The open doors of the pray-ground allow parents to enjoy the worship service while their children quietly play with the many creative materials available to them there.

If you’d like to catch a glimpse of the worship life of our church, watch a service on our YouTube channel!