Worship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do Presbyterians believe?

Answer: Our congregation is a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a Reformed Christian Denomination with roots in the Reformation in Switzerland. You can find more information about the PCUSA by clicking the button below. Our Congregation’s Vision Statement is, “Nurtured by God’s Word and Sacraments, Connecting Lives to Christ.”

Question: Why does the congregation read/recite so often?

Answer: We believe that worship is participatory, not a performance to be viewed. One way members of the congregation participate is by engaging in the liturgy of worship, including a responsive call to worship, unison prayer of praise, Lord’s prayer, and Affirmation of faith. Any who are uncomfortable participating are certainly not required to in order to attend worship.

Question: Why is communion done every week?

Answer: Our congregation values communion because we believe it is a time when we are united with Jesus. Communion reminds us of all Christ did for us and connects us to that mission.

Question: Why does the pastor wear that funny looking robe?

Answer: In the Presbyterian Church many pastors wear a clerical robe as a sign of position, a guest visiting our church should find the pastor to be easily identifiable. The one most often seen is modeled after academic robes as a way to emphasize education – we believe having clergy that is well educated. In the summer at FPC the pastor does not wear a robe and encourages everyone to dress down.

Question: I’d like to come to worship, but I don’t know if I’d be welcome

Answer: All are welcome to join in worship at FPC, no matter who you are, where you’ve come from, or how you identify. We do our very best to be welcoming, but we are human and sometimes we fail. If you visit and don’t feel like you received a warm welcome, please speak to the pastor, Rev. Wes Pitts.

Question: I’d like to come to worship with my children, will they be welcome even if they make noise?

Answer: Children – noisy or quiet – are welcome! Our congregation loves to see (and hear!) children – Wes’ son, Walt, can frequently be seen and heard playing in the sanctuary during worship! We have an area adjacent to the sanctuary where kids can have activities to focus their attention. If you, however, feel like you need a break, children are also welcome in the nursery. Ask a member for directions.

Question: Those hymns you sing sure are old-fashioned. Do you ever sing contemporary music?

Answer: Our worship is very traditional, however we do have members who enjoy playing the mandolin and guitar (along with other instruments), and they play in worship regularly. While we don’t have a paid band like some churches, we are open to many different styles of music, so if you’d like to hear something, let’s talk about it!

Something else you’re curious about? Contact Rev. Wes Pitts with any questions or concerns – [email protected] or 678-409-5060.